Do you want to start a WofA Chapter at your school?


Well, you're in the right place. Here are some materials we've compiled to help facilitate the creation of your own chapter. If you would like to create a new chapter, please contact us just by sending us an email so we can add you to our growing family. Click on the titles to learn more about them. 


Club Values 


Just as the Constitution is an overarching fundamental law in America, so too is the scope of our "Club Values" document in relation to our other projects and chapters. While we wholeheartedly encourage freedom of thought, speech, expression, and creativity, a level of expectation must be held consistent throughout all of our chapters to maintain the initial integrity and mission of the club. 


How to Create a Project


Succesfully creating and executing a project is arguably one of the hardest parts of the club, but undoubtedly the most rewarding. To help facilitate your chapter's decision-making process, assure that your chapter does not overlook important logistics, and maintain a level of consistency with Works of Art values, we created this document as a general guideline for what making a project should be like. This is based on how the Palo Alto Chapter of WofA creates its projects.